Dalmau Consulting

I am a proud member of Dalmau Consulting based in Australia. My affiliation and partnership dates back to 1997 when I was asked to assist the company in a series of Leadership Development Programs in Australlia. Through this work I became a colleague and close friend with the founder, Tim Dalmau (pictured above). He has been a mentor and guide to me for these many years. Members of the Dalmau Consulting team are some of the most experienced and dedicated management consultants in the world.

Dalmau Consulting is made up of a group of professionals that can deliver on improving your company results. We work with leaders offering advice, support, and concrete improvement in managing complex change and in developing their skills and those of the people within organizations. We help enhance and improve global corporations, small to large businesses, government and institutions throughout the world.

At Dalmau Consulting value is added to our clients by increasing organizational capacity, enhancing individual capabilities, stimulating positive change in organizations, resolving differences and aligning people and systems around solutions, practices and approaches .

These kinds of powerful results are supported through the following key client services:

  • Coaching
  • Communication Skill
  • Complex problem resolution and process facilitation
  • Individual and team assessment
  • Leadership development
  • Sustainable change management
  • Team development

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