The Role of Leadership in a World of Global Warming

By Steve Zuieback · Posted Friday, November 6, 2020

For those of you who subscribe to our Newsletter - Leading to Change - you will see that we have taken on a new dimension to our leadership work. We encourage everyone to watch the new David Attenborough documentary, "A Life on Our Planet," and engage others in positive conversations focused on what each person can do to "drawdown" the carbon dioxide in our atmosphere. I believe Peter Hawkin has coined this word, drawdown" in his best selling work by the same name. 

This month's newsletter (November 2020) is the first in a series of issues dedicated to the different leadership perspectives, principles, and strategies to bring our systems - human and ecological - into balance. The November issue shares great resources where leaders can become more informed about the challenges and solutions. We encourage you to click on the link to subscribe.

I (Steve Zuieback) have mainly been a solo consultant for my career. I have always talked about collaboration but have never been a great practitioner. With my recent deep dive into this field of regeneration, I have become a true convert to the power of conversation across diverse networks. Fantastic ideas and energy are emerging from such conversation groups. As such, we want to encourage you to join our work and our conversations by using the comment sections on our blog posts. Thanks in advance for your energy, enthusiasm, and commitment to this work.



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