Overemphasis on Below the Green Line - Are We Going to Eat or Talk?

By Steve Zuieback · Posted Tuesday, March 19, 2013

One of the most frequent mistakes that teams make after learning about the 6 Circle Model (Above and Below the Green Line) is to bring teams together and have multiple conversations about only the "below the green line." Teams talk about their culture, relationship, operating principles without talking about their "above the green line" work - those more tangible components of work about running organizations. Fairly quickly team members wonder if the leaders have lost their minds spending so much time "navel gazing" when there are so many priorities that need to get accomplished with so little time to spend. 

The best approach is to focus the work largely (not exclusively) on the more tangible rational outcomes, and work in ways that build more meaning, connections, relationships and shared operating principles. Leaders can best accomplish this balance through the ways they engage their teams and the proper selection of process to match the desire outcomes for the work.

To learn more about this important topic and to hear the story about, "Are We Going to Eat or Talk, visit my page on my website or to click directly on the youtube link for this valuable video. Enjoy

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