Diagnosis: From Theory to Practice

2016 Release

This e-book provides a step-by-step guide to the science of organizational diagnosis. Leaders at all levels of organizations are often perplexed and mistaken about what is actually happening underneath the surface in their teams and organizations. Like a medical practitioner, it is often critical to first understand the underlying dynamics before making a diagnosis and developing a treatment plan.

The purpose of this book is to provide leaders, consultants, and facilitators in positions of having to design interventions, with practical and straightforward approaches to diagnosing their situations. The book is filled with practical strategies, tools and videos to guide leaders on their journey to success.

Over the last 30 years Steve Zuieback and Tim Dalmau have worked in 41 countries in publicly listed and private corporations, government organizations and non-profits, spanning resources and mining, engineering, transport, health care and education sectors. This book is the synthesis of their experience and their approaches that have guided companies, teams and leaders in their pursuit of excellence.

Please click on the image of Tim and Steve for a quick story of the diagnosis process and an overview of the book.

This E-book is filled with practical tools, tips and processes. In addition there are links to many additional resources and tools. The book is laid out in the following chapters:

Chapter 1: The Diagnosis Process:

As this image portrays, the diagnosis process is made up of 3 critical components

Chapter 2: Types of Problems to Diagnosis

Chapter 3: Domains of Inquiry:

We have identified 6 critical domains of inquir and information gathering.

Chapter 4: Undertaking the Process:

The diagnosis process is often a bit circuitous and is made clearer by examing the complexity of the issue and system against the necessary steps in each of the 3 critical components of the process.

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