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“The number one thing we can do about climate change is the exact thing that we're not doing: talk about it.”


I have spent 35 years in the field of communication and conflict resolution. Many of the resources on this website are directed toward the practice of improving the conversation and facilitation skills of leaders. In my experience, many people shy away from "difficult conversations" because they feel insecure around potential conflict. In this section of the website, we provide a range of conversation processes and resources that support Regenerative Leadership. Most of these processes are featured in the monthly newsletters. 



Conversation Tools


Our Conversation Strategy

We have focused on creating small group conversations centered around the David Attenborough documentary, "Life on Our Planet." This link provides the step-by-step guide to faciliate these conversation. 

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Adoption of An Idea

This resource shares the background of the Diffusion of Innovation theory and provides links to more articles about the Adoption of An Idea model and process.


Balancing Above and Below the Green Line

The Six Circle model originally developed by Margaret Wheatley and improved by Tim Dalmau, is fundamental to understanding how to simultaneously embrace work practice with organizational culture. The model is also know as Above and Below The Green Line.

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How to Engage in Difficult Conversation

This is an excellent book that explores all the dimensions of what makes conversations difficult and how to engage successfully. It is particularly interesting in looking at the brain science behind what works and doesn't work. Difficult Conversations: The Art and Science of Working Together


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