Regenerative Leadership - Principles, Processes and Practices

This is a 3-day intensive program designed for individual leaders and leadership teams committed to examining their current practices and beliefs in relation to a changing global context. This program designed to support the Regenerative Leader and Regenerative Organization. It differs from the Leadership Practices for Challenging Times (LPCT) in that it allows a leader and leadership team to reflect on their own practices and motivations in deep ways, and helps the leaders identify those internal and external areas of development. LPCT is more focused on the facilitation and conversation tools for leaders and leadership teams.

Some of the Key Training Topics:

  1. What is Regenerative Leadership
  2. What are the attributes of Regenerative Organizations
  3. Regenerative Leadership Assessment
  4. Regenerative Organizational Assessment
  5. Internal strategies for change
  6. Individual and team planning
  7. The Regenerative Enneagram as the Journey Map

 Participants will walk away with: 

  • an individual assessment of your Regenerative Leadership
  • a current state organization assessment of Regernerative Leadership strenghts and areas of development 
  • a set of conversation and planning processes that support the development of a Regenerative Organization

Course Materials - participants receive the following materials as part of their registration fee:

  1. Leadership Practices for Challenging Times by Steve Zuieback
  2. Regenerative Leadership: The DNA of Life-Affirming 21st Century Organizations by Giles Hutchins and Laura Storm. Wordzworth Publishing. Kindle Edition.
  3. Access to Video Library by Steve Zuieback